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The Sky Star Program is designed for frequent flyers of US-Bangla Airlines to make their journey more rewarding. This loyalty program is set to encourage airline travelers. Customers will have enhanced travel experience enrolled in the program through accumulating Points (also called Sky Star Miles) which may then be redeemed for air travel or other rewards.
The Sky Star Mile (called Reward Miles) is counted based on air distance flown to the routes of US-Bangla Airlines.
Your Reward Miles per flight vary according to distance flown and booking class (Regular economy, Restricted economy, Discounted economy, Promotional economy). Reward Point Distribution chart is mentioned below.
Cox's Bazar 215 172 129 86
Saidpur 190 152 114 76
Chittagong 150 120 90 60
Sylhet 140 112 84 56
Rajshahi 140 112 84 56
Jessore 100 80 60 40
Barisal 85 68 51 34
This is very simple and easy. The membership is absolutely free and a passenger can join this program anytime after completion of a single travel in US-Bangla Airlines. Forms are available at sales counters, check-in counters, on-board and online (www.us-banglaairlines.com)
Sky Star offers Four Categories of membership : Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium.
Membership tiers depend on the Reward Miles you earned. The primary category is 'Silver' that you will get immediately after completing successful membership registration. A customer can register for membership with a valid PNR/e-ticket number after availing single trip to any destination of US-Bangla Airlines and will receive a Permanent Membership Card after availing 3 (Three) one way domestic flights.
CATEGORIES (Required Miles)
Below 10,000 Starts from 10,000 Starts from 20,000 Starts from 30,000
The Sky Star offers a range of benefits designed to enhance your travel experience whenever (every time) you fly with US-Bangla Airlines. The more you fly, the higher your tier and the more benefits you can enjoy.
Reservation via FFP Hotline
Advanced Seat Reservation ;
Lifestyle Benefits & Travel Packages
Bonus Miles
Priority Baggage Handling
Wait list Priority
Dedicated Check-in Counter
Free Bus Services
Extra Baggage Allowance (Subject to load)
Priority Boarding
Dedicated Co-ordinator
Complimentary Lounge Access
To earn complimentary ticket
Barisal 1500
Jessore 1700
Sylhet 2000
Rajshahi 2000
Chittagong 2500
Saidpur 3000
Cox's Bazar 3500

To avail bus service
Terms & Conditions: 1. Membership 1.1 A person aged 12 or older and residing in the country where the program is offered may become a member of Sky Star program. Application for persons under the age of 18 must be signed by the parent (or legal guardian). It is permitted to have only one membership per person, and each person must complete the form individually. Membership is not opened to legal entities (corporations, companies, partnerships, etc.) or to groups of individuals (for example families).
1.2 Members accept the terms and conditions of the contract, including all future changes of the contract (regarding terms and conditions of the program) by submitting their applications for the program.
1.3 Membership commences upon completion of the application form and acceptance by US-Bangla Airlines. This membership will provide you a personal account in the applicant's name in the 'Sky Star' program. A Member can hold only one personal account. As proof that an account has been opened, the passenger will receive a membership-identification number and membership card, on the basis of which s/he may collect miles, which will be credited to his/her FFP account. By completing the form, a member obtains a temporary 'Sky Star' membership card. When a member travels any destination by US-Bangla Airlines and submit travel data to our office we will print and deliver a plastic membership card to the passenger at the nearest US-Bangla Airlines sales office as desired by the member within Bangladesh.
1.4 The 'Sky Star' membership is not a legal right of passenger in the program of US-Bangla Airlines. The airlines reserve the right to reject membership applications without disclosing the reason.
1.5 Personal data about a member, stored in the US-Bangla Airlines computer system, are considered confidential and shall not be forwarded to third parties, except for promotional purposes to partners of US-Bangla Airlines, and only upon previously obtained consent from the member in writing. Members must notify US-Bangla Airlines about every change of his/her address or contact details or enter such changes via their private account on the website or contacting US-Bangla sales offices.

2. Membership Cards 2.1 Each new Member shall receive a Silver card within 14 days from submission of the filled up form in his/her address or preferred US Bangla sales point. US-Bangla Airlines will issue a plastic gold card to a Member after earning of 1700 sky miles. A 'Sky Star' representative shall inform the passenger about the issued plastic gold card and deliver the card to the passenger's address or to the nearest US-Bangla Airlines sales offices. A 'Sky Star' Member using a silver card may contact the relevant US-Bangla Airlines service point while complete his/her 1700 sky miles and ask for his/her permanent gold card, if not automatically upgraded and delivered. If s/he believes that the required conditions for availing platinum and titanium card is fulfilled, and US-Bangla Airlines did not upgraded and delivered the card, s/he will immediately contact to the nearest sales points or complain within 14 days of maturity of such card. Each card may be used until its expiry date, which is printed on the card.
2.2 Only the named person on the card is eligible to use it or they can state the number on the card when making a reservation.
2.3 The 'Sky Star' card is the property of US-Bangla Airlines Ltd and must be returned to it upon request.
3. Miles
3.1 The unit of measurement in the 'Sky Star' program is a mile as defined by US-Bangla Airlines. Miles are credited to the personal account of each Member of 'Sky Star'. Miles can be used only in the manner defined in the program rules. Miles and accounts (Tickets) of Members are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
4. Collecting Miles
4.1 Members may collect Miles by buying a ticket on scheduled US-Bangla Airlines flights and taking the flight on that ticket. Tickets issued with discounts, free of charge, or tickets for charter flights are not eligible for collecting Miles. Also, some tariffs or tickets may be excluded from the 'Sky Star' program.
4.2 Miles are collected from the date an individual becomes a Member. It is not allowed to retroactively credit Miles accrued before the date of membership.
4.3 The passenger must quote his/her name and card number, exactly as printed on the membership card, when booking a flight in order to earn Miles.
4.4 Miles earned for travel on a fully paid, published tariff, taken by a Member, may be credited to a Member's 'Sky Star' account.
4.5 US-Bangla Airlines reserves the right to set additional means of collecting Miles, cancel or restrict the already existing means, or to revoke the possibility to earn Miles on certain types of tariffs or fares.
4.6 Every Member is responsible for checking whether the Miles he/she has collected are properly credited to their 'Sky Star' account. If there are any irregularities, the Member will report them in writing, with proof of travel, in order to remedy the irregularities. Proof of travel includes boarding passes, receipt itineraries and/or other proof as required by US-Bangla Airlines. Information about an account is available only to the Member (holder) of the account.
4.7 The maximum period for storing earned Miles is 12 months. After this period, the Miles are deleted from the account.
5. Using miles -Reward
5.1 Miles in 'Sky Star' accounts are exchanged for certain rewards. US-Bangla Airlines defines conditions and procedures for using the rewards. The conditions set by US-Bangla Airlines determine the number of Miles/Tickets required redeeming the reward. These conditions may change in certain periods and for different destinations. The benefits, i.e. services or privileges provided by US-Bangla Airlines, may be restricted by capacity limitations or periods of restrictions.
5.2 The tickets for travel on US-Bangla Airlines flights issued as Rewards are subject to tariff rules, ticket contract and terms and conditions of carriage of the carrier. Reward Tickets will be issued only for flights when US-Bangla Airlines is the ticket issuer and flight operator. The Reward flight ticket will be valid only for the stated destination, at the time it was issued, as stated on the ticket.
5.3 Open tickets cannot be issued as Reward Tickets.
5.4 A reward ticket is valid three (3) months from the issue date. Once it is issued, the ticket validity cannot be extended in any case, nor can the ticket be transferred to another person.
5.5 A lost or stolen Reward Ticket cannot be reissued, nor can the Miles for which the Reward was redeemed be returned to a Member's 'Sky Star' account.
5.6 The passenger will pay all fees and charges, such as airport fees, taxes, charges or other costs, regarding the use of a reward ticket. If the member does not collect his/her ticket at the agreed time, or fails to inform US-Bangla Airlines in a timely manner, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. The Member must identify him/herself using his/her 'Sky Star' card, and, if necessary, other identification documents.
6. Transfer of Rights
A Member may transfer the right to a Reward Ticket to another person at his/her discretion by written statement. It is necessary to make a booking on the passenger's name and state the number of the membership card of the Miles owner. It is not permitted to combine Miles on accounts of two or more Members in order to redeem a Reward Ticket.
7. Termination of Membership
7.1 Any misuse of Membership in the 'Sky Star' program and violation of the rules set in this contract shall result in termination of membership, and all acquired membership rights shall be null and void.
7.2 Membership shall be cancelled if the Member does not use his/her ticket or accrued Miles on his/her 'Sky Star' account within the 12 month period after acquiring membership.
7.3 Membership shall be cancelled in the case of the death of a Member. In such events the 'Sky Star' card will be cancelled, as will the accrued Miles on the 'Sky Star' account.
8. Changes or Cancellation of 'Sky Star' program
The Reward structure is subject to frequent changes, interruptions or limitations imposed by US-Bangla Airlines, with or without notice. The number of Miles needed to acquire the privileges may increase sharply. Any kind of Reward may be cancelled. It is possible to impose restrictions or invalidations in certain periods.
Take a few moments and make your travel more rewarding in the future. Become a member and start enjoying.